The 'Undertaking'

The underwater creatures had had enough. Their days of swimming in the shallows, hunted by man, were over. Sharkira, the shark who started the uprising, had seen more horror then most. She had given birth to a litter of shark pups but all of them, and the father, had been taken by the Japanese and turned into soup. She'd had her revenge by eating the fisherman... but it was not enough. She rallied the Atlantis Council for it was time for every animal, anemone and angelfishes vendetta to be completed. Sharkira's Revenge.

There were seven animals in the Council, each for the Seven Seas. Sharkira (the shark) Nadare (the siamese fighting fish who could somehow breathe through salt water) Gus (a blue whale) Charlie (the king of the seahorses) Christmas (an emporer penguin, the best swimmer in all Antartica) Bruce (a lionfish) Jacinta (the stingray). They all decided they would sink the world. Starting with the man who'd used too much orange -taking it all from their beautiful coral reefs- Donald Trump. And his country. America. Thus began the seige of New York. bold and italic text.

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